Why Most Divorced Women

Dealing with a nasty and emotional divorce is often very traumatic for women. Who could ever think about dating when she has just been dumped by the man she loved and spent several years with? The trauma of marriage break-up often makes women wary about getting involved with other men. According to studies, a lot of women would not even think about dating for several years after the divorce. Yes, there are also some women who seem to take changes in stride and are most likely to be in another relationship a few months after a divorce, but the majority of the female population is really more reluctant to go out into the dating arena and try their luck with yet another man.

Fear Of Rejection

The fear of being rejected yet another time is often too crippling for women that they would rather not venture into the dating again. According to experts, the fear of rejection in some women is so intense that these women actually end up going old alone. On the other hand, the fear of rejection can also cause other women to play it cool and not really get into any serious relationships at all.

Whenever the relationship becomes too serious, these women tend to runaway and hide. No, these women do not really mean to be such a “tease” of anything for that matter; they are just plainly terrified of loving deeply and being rejected by their partners in the end. Women who never really get over their fear of being rejected ends up hurting herself and her partner. This cycle of going into a relationship and pulling off when the relationship becomes quite intense can become a pattern and could lead to deep loneliness in women that most of them give up dating to save themselves from further emotional pains.

Making Both Ends Meet

The economic consequences of a divorce are often harder on women than men. In most cases, the women get to take care of the children and try to make both ends meet on their own Yes, a lot of men pay child support but in most cases, the amount that divorced mothers often get from their former husbands is not really enough for the family to live on. With children to support, a divorced woman often has to work on two jobs and no longer have time to think about dating.

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